Inspiration and  way of work


Astonishment, surprise and curiosity are the fundamental building blocks of my inspiration. I am fascinated by looking differently to nature or common objects: the cloudy air, mirroring water images but also a staircase or a fork for example. These images challenge me and ask for a composition in a painting or an object.


As a visual artist I have and take the freedom to apply a diversity of styles and techniques.

In this way new insights arise: astonishment and/or alienation.


Making a 2D surface visually 3D is an important characteristic of my work.

Who is Anja van Schijndel


Anja van Schijndel-Krielaars (’s Hertogenbosch, NL,  1952). I live and work in Zaltbommel (NL). I studied at the Nimeto in Utrecht (NL). Directly after that I worked as a fashion stylist.


As an independent graphical designer I have been designing product packages, logo’s and house styles (c.i.) for a wide variety of clients.


The evolution to visual artist has
been a logical step for me
supported by study at the
New Academy in Utrecht (NL).


I am a member of two
professional artist associations:
The Bommelse Kunstroute and
De Werkplek.


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